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About Us

Thank you for considering First Response Emergency Medical Education for your EMS Educational Courses. First Response EME is committed to improving the quality of learning for each individual student. It is our goal to provide the best classroom, clinical and field EMS education possible. With state-of-the-art teaching materials, comfortable classroom surroundings and a dedicated staff, that commitment is expressed every day.

The EMS programs are presented through a series of lecture, lab, clinical and field internship experiences. Through clinical and practical instruction as well as a field internship, you’ll be prepared to function in the uncontrolled environment of emergency medicine in the pre-hospital setting. Our students work with state-of-the-art simulation mannequins and equipment including an ambulance simulator. Students benefit from instructors with extensive field experience in emergency medical services and paramedic settings—knowledge they apply to the classroom.

Our Instructors

Michael Valkanas, M.D. — Medical Director

Paul Spillane, EMT-P. IC — Program Director

Bill DeKing EMT-I, IC — EMT Program Director

Jacob Lees, EMT-P — Paramedic Program Director

Joe O’Connell EMT-P — Continuing Education Coordinator

Sean Dore, Compliance Director

Wendy Cannon, EMT, IC — Office Manager

Wayne Paul, EMT-P, I/C

Keith Darling EMT-P

Keith McCartney EMT-P, I/C

Bryan Syrett EMT-P, I/C

John Zajac EMT-P, I/C

Sam Nelson EMT-P, I/C

Nick Pino EMT-P

Lindsay Campbell EMT, I/C

Jeff Ricker EMT-P

Leo Gallagher EMT-P

Tony Gemma EMT, I/C

Paul Coakley EMT-P, I/C

Scott Strazzulo EMT-P, I/C

Jackie Maillet EMT-P. RN

Rich Pellegrine EMT, I/C

Bill Brathwaite EMT-P

Brian Kelley EMT-P, I/C