Paramedic Courses

The Paramedic is qualified in advanced emergency care and services by a competency – based training program. This is accomplished through rigorous didactic (lectures, discussions and demonstrations), clinical (in-hospital instruction and supervised practice of critical skills) and accompanied by a field internship (supervised experience on a intensive care vehicle). Competencies include but are not limited to the recognition, assessments, and management of medical emergencies under direction of a physician. The Paramedic provides prehospital emergency care to acutely ill or injured patients primarily by ambulance service and mobile advanced life support (ALS) units under medical command authority, and secondarily in other appropriate settings under physicians control.

If you have any questions regarding tuition payments or, you’d like to set up financing, please call our office at 781-344-0911

Start Date Location Status Tuition
July 7th will be: Paramedic (Tues, Thurs 6pm – 10pm & Sat 9a-5p) Fallon Ambulance     199 Commander Shea Blvd North Quincy Open $7500.00
Deposit $800.00
July 6th will be: Paramedic (Mon, Wed, Fri 9a-5p) First Response Office Open $7500.00
Deposit $800.00

EMT's with Ambulance

Fees include all texts, student insurance, CORI check, and uniform shirt. Tuition assistance contact our office for more information on the application.

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Approved by the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education to train eligible Veterans